Comptoirdenfants team

With three jaunty girls who always want to look smashing and love to shop, much to daddy’s frustration, we’re always looking for cool stuff. When they were younger, this wasn’t always a fun experience, as they were crying and yelling in the fitting room because they really didn’t feel like shopping or fitting …

Hence the idea and dream to start a shop of our own. No parking problems or high parking costs anymore, but simply shop till you drop from your lazy chair, in the waiting room, in a traffic jam, at lunch time, … In short, whenever and wherever you want! The only thing left now is waiting for the package to arrive and then trying it on at home, nice and easy.

Et voila, here it is! We proudly present to you Comptoir d’enfants.

You can rest assured that we will continue to look for the latest brands and trends for you.
We wish you a fantastic shopping experience at Comptoir d’enfants!